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 Yocona Puff Adder is a coming-and-going-of-age novel that's like three books rolled into one.  Starting out like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, as the boys grow a little older it gets more like Forrest Gump, and then as they get a lot older it becomes more like Tuesdays with Morrie.

In the early 50's, two seven-year olds in Oxford, Mississippi, grow up under the tutelage of a world famous author called Mr. Jefferson.  Because one of the boys' grandfather owns property adjacent to him, they are forever encountering him as he teaches them things little boys need to learn about... everything from puberty to mankind and humanity.  Although this is before racial integration and one of the boys is black and the other white, they remain best friends right through those struggles. 

In 1962, when Mr. Faulkn...Mr. Jefferson that is...dies off, they are teen-agers by then and he has already planted the seed in them for his influence.  They grow through working in the logging woods, Vietnam, college, and careers in the natural resources, where they both work for the Forest Service but see things from different perspectives during the environmental movement of the 70s-90s.

As they grow old and retire, they remain the best of friends, but then have to deal with each other in old age...and dementia...and an old folks' home.

Written in the unique genre of "faction", this tale of twisted truths is of embellished events and purified people. It is mostly true and only tweaked a little to be more humorous, more horrible, more dramatic, more entertaining and interesting, more sexy, etc.. 

The author gives the guarantee that if you don't love this book, he will eat it. 

Camp Re-Form is a character driven book about seven fifteen-year old boys sentenced to a judge ordered Boy Scout camp in lieu of reform school.  Characters you'll learn to love struggle with everything from their mere survival to their efforts at honor and duty.


Not since the prankish mischief-makers of M.A.S.H. have we heard from such a corps of individualized psychologies as these. Taking dialect to a whole new level, the patrol called Sarge's Snappers draws from seven different cultural backgrounds and the generational differences between them and their Scout Master.

An unlikely delinquent named Jed is the impassioned young protagonist. Reluctant to take over as patrol leader, he croons for Goose's girlfriend. Goose, being the Yankee atheist who lost last year's patrol leadership, now just wants to kick everybody's butt but Fanny Pearl's, whose he claims he'll soon soil instead.

Junebug, also called Junie, is just slow enough to be selected to single-handedly try out the retardation center's first effort at mainstreaming. He stutters his way from ob..ob..obstacles to stepping stones.

Coonie, articulately in the finest of Cajun dialect, doesn't miss an opportunity to impose his wrapped perspective on anyone who tries not to listen.

Overdrive, a slightly crippled genius who grew up in an auto shop, proves his worth with traits like the ability to hot-wire the camp jeep for sex-education favors from Stretch, power forward from the Dixie Carrot tops.

Chick is like these cohorts' American Indian contingent. He hardly talks, but campaigns for an Eagle project concerning his heritage along the Natchez Trace, despite the National Park Service bureaucracy.

A falsely accused and quickly convicted youngster nick-named Moses is secretively dying of leukemia...but more worried about spreading and shedding some spiritual sunlight to the not-so-righteous remnant of Snappers than any problems he may face.

Under suspicion for liking little boys a little too much, Sarge seems to these sorta-scouts to be about the last adult influence they think they need as their role model...and feel they can learn as much in spite of him as they can because of him.

Cookie, as camp cook, is the token adult of the fairer sex who is legally present and has eyes for Sarge. However, she does have a teen-aged daughter maned Fanny Pearl who is fodder for a most compelling near-love story and feud between Jed and Goose over her.

Acronymed BAD, Braxton Allen Dillion is the more-than-shady antagonist attempting to be-devil the patrol and sabotage their efforts to go straight..er.



Forest Prayer is about a young boy, Jerry, who grows up and old from the late nineteen-forties through the early twenty-twenties. While he devotes all of those years to looking for the Lord, his experiences with forests and their resources range from his favorite False-Maple tree to his various duties in a rainforest and a jungle.

While Jerry has a fascination with all things trees and wildlife, I have an advanced degree concerning them to help with particulars. Jerry's quest for Christ continues through the worst possible horror to the most infatuating love ever imagined, as does mine. His wife of fifty-one years is named Patsy and mine is Patricia. They are both the best things to ever happen to us. But if you think this book is about us and not meant to be a testimony glorifying God, then I have some Yocona River waterfront to sell you.

Jerry's search for God is greatly influenced by:  his grandfather, a Baptist preacher; his great uncle, an agnostic logger; a few forestry professionals from both college and the US Forest Service; and finally by both his wife and his son.

During Jerry's struggles, his old Satan-snake and the Holy Spirit seem to constantly fight about whether things are coincidental or by divine design. Where he always feels his infatuation with forestry and his obsession with wildlife management, he sometimes feels an infestation of Christianity around him. When that happens, it's usually Patsy insisting she knows who's really pulling the strings.

But whether over possible actions or consideration of omissions, they might come in every form from trying to find God when He's not the one lost to trying to get to better know Jesus personally. 

This book, Forest Prayer, is published by Christian Faith Publishing and can be ordered from them. Or you may order from this website.

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