Camp Re-Form (a second novel by Inmon)

Camp Re-Form 

Enlightening work of fiction from the literary rebel and wordsmith who brought you his Faulknerian tale of faction in Yocona Puff Adder

Not since the soldiers of M.A.S.H. have such an unforgettable cast of characters dealt with the heartfelt heights and comical confusion of teen-aged camaraderie.  Sarcasm drips from Camp Re-Form's coping with adolescence storyline as it follows a handful of fifteen-year-old boys enduring their second straight summer of a judge-ordered Boy Scout camp in lieu of reform school. 

This mischief-making corps of individualized psychologies take dialect to a whole new level. The patrol called Sarge's Snappers draws from their seven different cultural backgrounds and the generational differences between them and their Scout Master.

A peek at the accused reveals that:  Jed is the impassioned young protagonist that you might someday consider courting your daughter. An unlikely delinquent, he is reluctant to take over as patrol leader, as he croons for Goose's girlfriend;

Junebug, also called Junie, is just slow enough to single-handedly try out the retardation center's first effort at mainstreaming. He stutters his way from ob..ob..obstacles to stepping stones as he tries ha..ha..hard to fit in;

Overdrive is the slightly crippled genius whose curiosity often arouses his extraordinary creativity. A slightly crippled genius who grew up in an auto shop, he proves his worth with traits like the ability to hot-wire the camp jeep for sex-education favors from Stretch, power forward from the Dixie Carrot tops;

Goose is the obstinate Yankee atheist who's got no business being thrown in with these southern boys, but brings most of his troubles on himself. Having lost last year's patrol leadership, he now just wants to kick everybody's butt but Fanny Pearl's, whose he claims he'll soon soil instead;

A falsely accused but quickly convicted youngster nick-named Moses is secretively dying of leukemia...but more worried about spreading and shedding some spiritual sunlight to the others than any problems he may face as he tries to Christianize this not-so-righteous remnant of Snappers;

Chick, as stoic and wooden to the camp as a totem pole, is a Chickasaw Indian trying hard to hold onto his heritage. As these cohorts' American Indian contingent, he hardly talks, but campaigns for an Eagle project concerning an Indian Mound along the Natchez Trace, despite the National Park Service bureaucracy;

And, Coonie is de kinda Cajun dat talk wit' a dialect make you wanta keep time to Zydeco an' go afta anudda bowl uh gumbo. Articulately in the finest of Cajun dialect, he doesn't miss an opportunity to impose his wrapped perspective on anyone who tries not to listen.

Then along comes five near-major minor characters by way of:  Sarge, questionable scoutmaster evolved from retired soldier. Under suspicion for liking little boys a little too much, their leader seems to the boys to be about the last adult influence these sorta-scouts think they need as their role model, as they learn as much in spite of him as they are learning because of him;

Braxton Allen Dillion, the antagonist abbreviated BAD for reasons that included being bad enough to make the likes of Injun Joe blush. Acronymed as such, BAD is a more-than-shady, attempting to be-devil the patrol and sabotage their efforts to go straight;

Mamma Cookie, is the camp cook with eyes for Sarge but needing help from Coonie to cook. She is the token adult female legally present. She has a teen-aged daughter named Fanny Pearl;

Fanny Pearl, is Jed's goal for love through it all...and thus fodder for a most compelling near-love story...and feud between Jed and Goose;

And, sexy Stretch, the boys' opportunity to be home courted via the her all-red-headed girls' professional basketball team just across the road.

In short, Camp Re-Form is a pilot project between the Department of Corrections and the Boy Scouts of America, with seven memorable juveniles struggling through their Eagle projects.  The pulls of puberty and BAD's bad are but a few of their obstacles as they try to stay out of trouble by not being caught.  They are characters you'll learn to love struggle with everything from their efforts at honor and duty to mere survival.


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