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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        

Writer thrust into category of such authors as Faulkner and Welty--

Debut of important new voice in American Literature--

Truly another powerful writer and amazing storyteller--

Gerald Inmon teases readers with "a new Faulkner tale"--

Reviewers invoked Huckleberry Finn while making comparisons--

Reveals MS history & culture through great story & great characters--

Uses fictional format to address issues of racism, war & environment--

Characters are heroes, worth my time, becoming men I want to meet-

A true must read.  It's a man's book and it's a woman's book--

Intrigues you. Wonderful revelations about the south & its people--

The most moving experience & entertainment I've had from a novel--

Entertaining, original, articulate & rich with folksy anecdote--

Inmon wrote about that which he was familiar and did it well--

Thoroughly enjoyable.  Left the feeling I walked right along with them-

Found myself laughing one moment and moved to tears a few pages later--

Most chapters are good, but there are those that climb to brilliance--

Good old-fashioned story telling in era of trick novels--

Nature writing lyrical and apt.  One of the best reads I've ever had--

Hit every emotion.  Liked the flow and enjoyed author's ingenuity--

A truly gifted writer.  I want to read Yocona Puff Adder all over again-

As the characters' lives take root and grow, the results lead to some wonderful revelations about the south and the lives of its people--

Blends interesting characters and brisk dialogue with an intriguing premise--

Imaginative and complex storyline, jam-packed with anecdotes that thoroughly entertain readers--

Twainesque storyteller whose natural sounding dialogue leaps off the page--

Remarkale book that spoke to me in so many ways and in a unique writing style--


Gerald's latest book, Forest Prayer, is now available.

For first edition autographed hardcovers of any or all of Gerald's three books, order now at these special rates to include shipping, handling and tax.

 Forest Prayer    ISBN-9781098095604       $24

 Yocona Puff Adder    ISBN-13:978-0-9774864-3-4       $14

 Camp Re-Form           ISBN-13:978-0-9774864-7-2       $14

All three books are available electronically from Amazon or Book Nook for $9.99 each.


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